Our Mission

Our brewing principles are guided by tradition and the goal of putting forth the best beer possible.  The best beers require ingenuity and a dogged pursuit of quality. While a good portion of the day is spent on a stainless steel brew deck, we take inspiration from the hidden rugged gems of Connecticut’s outdoors.  Hanging Hills Brewing Company, come out and play.


Purest Ingredients

Hanging Hills Brewing Company will source and utilize the best ingredients possible.  Our recipe development begins on the 15.5 gallon Sabco pilot system housed at the brewery before the beers are brewed on the 10 barrel brewhouse.  On any scale, it is our goal never to cut corners, to use the best malts and freshest hops to produce the freshest liquids possible.

Sometimes the search for the best ingredients leads directly to hops from Connecticut and barley grown and malted in the Pioneer Valley to the north.  Using locally sourced ingredients will shrink out carbon footprint while also allowing us to be a part of the local business community.


Traditional Techniques

We at the Hanging Hills Brewing Company know that all things old become new.  Our stainless steel brewhouse is a testament to modernity but our beers are crafted using techniques and principles set forth by the world’s brewing cultures years before we stood up our tanks.  Whether we’re bottle conditioning a specialty release or allowing our lagers to cold ferment for extended periods of time or pouring Rayn Man ESB from a beer engine, we realize these are not our innovations.  Providing the best beer using the most time tested techniques, on the other hand, is.


Attention to Detail

The Hanging Hills Brewing Company is not a large company but we believe that size does not preclude quality.  Beginning with a well researched, efficient brewhouse, we will strive far beyond due diligence. We will take regular water samples, measure yeast health and numbers from our scaled down lab, and we will engage in regular sensory analysis platforms during various stages of brewing, fermentation and packaging.  We will also utilize social media as a platform for quality discussion all while our built in taproom will provide one on one customer feedback.



Combining great ingredients with time tested techniques and a hard earned attention to detail will ultimately allow for us to utilize the creative side of our brewing skills and business practices. Creativity will allow for us to adapt with the market and with our employees.  Whether through pilot brew contests, recipe formulation input, the naming of beers, beer bucks, all while valuing employee input in all aspects of the brewery, we will welcome smart, creative and hardworking individuals to grow our company with.



Hanging Hills Brewing Company does not exist in a vacuum. We are just as supported and buffered by the people living on our block as we are by the distant customer holding one of our cans in the comfort of their own home. We are stewards of this community and will strive to support community organizations and agencies that share our ideals.


Commitment to the Enviroment

The Appalachian Trail winds through the western portion of our state for 51.6 serpentine miles. There are more rivers than most can imagine, including one below street level in our very own Hartford. Connecticut is beautiful and we’d like to help keep it that way.

We recognize our place as stewards of the environment.  We specifically chose a steam powered brewhouse to minimize our carbon footprint. Many of our ingredients will be sourced as local as possible.  Each year will we set and surpass a water usage goal.  Rather than truck our spent grains to a landfill, we will partner with a local farmer to provide feed for their livestock.

We know that our industry is resource intensive, especially at our scale.  It is possible to mitigate those uses while also making a great product.  Our goals are a drop in the pond but all good ventures have to start somewhere.



We do what we love.  Each of us here at Hanging Hills Brewing Company came from another place, another life but were brought together by a passion.  We are friends and we are lucky.