We built much of this brewery with skill, luck and patience. Even so, we needed more than a little help to open our doors. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank and recommend the following fine folks and businesses who helped make this dream a reality:

Macca Plumbing and Heating
Magnano Electric
Violette Sylvester and Sons, Inc.
Medyard Associates
Thomas J O’Neill III LLC
Cantor Colburn
Armster Reclaimed Lumber
Kozak & Salina
Fahy Insurance
Harper & Whitfield
Hartford Prints
Painting and Epoxy Flooring
Delta Mechanical
Tees and More
Beer and Winemaker’s Warehouse
Classic Restaurant Supply
Grandstand Glassware
Brewery Branding
White Labs
Brewers Supply Group
Action Packaging
Willamette Valley Hops
American Brewing Equipment
Keg Credit
Rochester Midland
Nathaniel Develder
Peter Nieman
Kevin Manoni
Ron Frechette
Greg Chandler
Meg Williams
Josh Gaestel
Trish Melley Nelson
David Palten
Back East Brewing Company
Good Wood Brewing Company
Willimantic Brewing Company
Art of Draft
American Brewers Guild
City of Hartford Department of Development Services
City of Hartford Department of Health and Human Services
City of Hartford Department of Licenses and Inspections
Hartford Police Department
Hartford Fire Department
Every last investor, thanks for believing in this project!
Every last Kickstarter Backer!
Anyone we’ve ever pestered with way too many questions.